Artist Friends


Jake Pollock

Freelance Content Creator/Social Media Marketer

Provided label art for Grenache and "Keep It Like A Secret" labels

Jake is amongst a group of my oldest friends. He lives in the mountains of Northern California and has created a nice life for himself working within his passion of capturing life through the lens of a camera.

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Jordan Stern

Photographer / Entrepreneur 

Provided label art for "Collective Efforts" Label

From base jumping to charging huge waves to photography and product design, Jordo lives a life of adventure. He was born with ice in his veins and ice cream in his bowl. Jordo's thirst for life is evident. He is currently working on a new project, The Ice Cream Canteen. Check it out!


Carly Clements

Graphic Designer and Visual Artist

Created logo and original label design

I met Carly in college and imediatly knew that she is one rad woman. Carly Clements is currently running a nomadic creative services studio from all across the map. Take a peek at her work and life on road as a remote freelance designer.