Will Gondak has been chasing the dream. Experiences making wine in Napa, Sonoma, Australia, New Zealand, France, Santa Cruz, and South Africa have broadened his view into what is possible. The wide array of hands-on experience accompanied by the study of winemaking and viticulture at both Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Napa Valley College has yielded one curious wine nerd. Will has been calling Sonoma County home for since 2015 and is looking forward to his 13th harvest in 2021.


Will strives to make elegant wines that highlight the unique features of the vineyards involved. According to Will, it's all about the vineyard. "The potential quality of a wine is created in the vineyard. It is the winemaker's task to guide the expression of that quality and to shape the style of wine. This is where I see the true skill of winemaking. Understanding the vineyard and then incorporating a certain set of procedures that will ideally lead you to your goal. As a wine evolves in the winery, a winemaker may need to reassess and adapt the original game plan. A good understanding of the varietal and vineyard will make this process run smoothly and ultimately get you closer to your goal. There are many winemakers who will attempt to convince you that they are god-like in their craft. Try not to listen to them. It's all about the vineyard."    -Will Gondak